Consulting and Facilitation for Complex Challenges

About Our Services

Change is Possible

You're grappling with the seemingly impossible.  How do you effect profound change in the face of wicked problems?

Using systems thinking and more, Michael Pealow and his team specialize in consulting and facilitation for complex social problems. 

Our Experience

For over a decade, we have provided consulting services to First Nations, governments, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses. We have worked with our clients to tackle issues as diverse as economic development, community development, decolonization, language, and cultural revitalization, marginalized workers, nation-building, social and market housing, sexualized violence, youth empowerment, and more.    We specialize in facilitation, planning, and negotiation support for northern communities and organizations. We serve our clients by helping them have the important and sometimes difficult conversations that need to be had. If you're grappling with the seemingly-impossible, let us know.  We may be able to help.     

Our Services

  • Facilitation
    • For complex problem solving/social innovation
    • For small and large groups, including conferences and multi-stakeholder events
    • For meetings where an independent chair is required or preferred
  • Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Community Economic Development Planning
  • Research
    • Community-based Research and Analysis
    • Community Consultation
    • Socio-Economic Impact Analysis
  • Impact & Benefit Agreement Negotiations


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